Dog Days of Summer – August in Puerto Vallarta

It was a busy month.  My summer teaching job ended on August 12 – we had a party, and there were gifts and hugs.  1. Last day of class with Beto and JimmyWe will be leaving in October so I couldn’t commit to the fall course.  I will miss it, but I feel so fortunate to have been able to have the experience.  So many times when we travel, we feel like we are on the outside, looking at people but never really knowing them.  I feel like I have made real friends and I am so grateful to them for sharing their lives with me – AND helping me with my Spanish!

We celebrated our 20th Anniversary at Café des Artists, perhaps the finest restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. 2  We did the five-course tasting menu with wine pairings.  It was over the top.  Live violin music, and when the dessert course came it was on a large mirror which said “Happy Anniversary” in chocolate surrounded by edible flowers.  Funny where life takes you.  If someone had told me on our wedding day that in 20 years we would be living on a yacht in Puerto Vallarta I would have told them they were crazy!

3Our daughter arrived for a visit a few days later.  We spent the first day being tourists.  Having drinks by the pool, playing bingo, and walking on the beach.

4. Sunset in paradise

Then it was time to venture elsewhere in the bay.  We took a bus (well actually three buses) to the tiny village of Boca de Tomatlin on the south side of Banderas Bay. From there you can take a water taxi or

5hike to the Ocean Grill which lies around the point in the tiny bay of Colomitos.  Not one to miss a good hike, especially when it is nice and hot, we of course did the hike.  After scrambling over rocks for 45 minutes we emerged on the other side to a sweet little bay with turquoise water and 6a beautiful little beach.  The Ocean Grill clings to the side of the cliff near the 7point.  This is a “reservations only” place, and we were the first diners to arrive for the 1:00 pm seating.  I was hooked when they brought out the plate with ice cold white towels for us to wash with.  After a few of their signature 8margaritas, and and a fabulous lunch we were content to lounge and soak in the scenery until the water taxi headed back to Boca.

View from The Ocean Grill

View from The Ocean Grill


10We also spent a day shopping for trinkets in old-town Puerto Vallarta.  Bargaining was done, souvenirs were acquired, and a good time was had.  For our last round of refreshments we stopped at the “Round Bar”, a small round bar in a little plaza off the malecon.   One of our favorite spots!  To top it off, the bus ride back to 89.the marina was very entertaining, as only bus rides in Mexico are.  We met a group of university students visiting from Mexico City, who were only too happy to share their beer, engage in deep conversation, and include us in their spirited singing.  Did I mention I love Mexico?



On the bus!

September will bring more visitors which we are looking forward to.  It is nice to be a “local” and show friends and family all the great places we have visited.  Looks like September may also bring a hurricane.  There is a monster brewing near the Guatemala border which looks like it will head right up the coast.   Models don’t show it strengthening until it passes us so hopefully that remains true!144


1 thought on “Dog Days of Summer – August in Puerto Vallarta

  1. I had the best time while I visited! Have I said how I love love love Mexico, everyone was so nice and friendly! The bus ride was by far the funniest and coolest time ever!


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