Teaching English and a Road Trip to Sayulita

Last week I was a slightly bored retiree, this week I am a busy English teacher! I am now teaching three one-hour classes a week at a community center in the nearby village of Valle Dorado.

Valle Dorado Community Center

Valle Dorado Community Center

I was offered the kingly sum of $5 an hour, but since I don’t feel like being escorted to the border in handcuffs for not having the proper visa, I will volunteer.  There is a huge demand for English-speaking employees for the hotel industry, and I think you could make some decent money giving private lessons (at least by Mexican standards!) if you had a visa which allowed you to work.  There are three of us from the marina volunteering at the center; the other two gals have the kids and I have the adults.  They are super motivated which helps, but I am pretty much on my own when it comes to curriculum.  And what would I give for a Kinko’s Copy Center? They don’t exist here, and finding a place to get copies made has been an adventure in itself.  I have been spending quite a bit of time putting lessons together but I am sure it will get easier.  It is certainly better than the first day, when we thought we were just going to discuss arrangements with the woman running the center, but instead found a dozen students waiting for class to begin!

The rainy season has started in earnest.  This last week it has rained six out of seven days.  Fortunately it has all been at night, and it seems to cool things off a bit.  On several nights the rain was accompanied by truly impressive thunder and lightning.  We are talking serious rain – inches at a time.



We did make time to take a road trip (by bus of course) to the hip surf town of Sayulita, which is about 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.    Sayulita was once a sleepy fishing village, but then it was “discovered” and now espresso bars, boutique hotels and organic muffins abound.  There are also cobblestone streets, great little restaurants, and white sand beaches with a decent surf break. 2Some entrepreneur has set up a camping area right on the beach, with restrooms, showers and a really cool little bar where you can have a cold beer or catch a few waves.

Sayulita beach

Sayulita beach


Camping on the beach

Camping on the beach



And what’s not to like about dogs on the roof? 

Back on the boat, Dan was successful in re-installing the high pressure fuel injection pump and atomizers, and we are happy to report the engine has never run so good.  Unfortunately the exterior painting projects have come to a screeching halt with the onset of the rain – guess it is time to move to interior varnish projects…


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