Welcome to Paradise – Paradise Village Marina that is!


Entrance to A Dock

We have arrived in Paradise Village Marina, our home for the next six months during the hurricane season.   The marina is part of Paradise Village Resort, a large resort which occupies the end of a peninsula between Banderas Bay and a mangrove-filled estuary.  The marina is located just inside the breakwater, and from our location on A Dock we can see the entrance. We have a front row seat for watching boats come in and out, and every afternoon we get a nice breeze.  The Laser World Championships are currently underway here, so we have been enjoying watching them come in and out.




Anjuli on A Dock

The marina is top notch, with pump out services, WIFI, cable TV, and potable water (first potable water on a dock we have seen in Mexico) all included in the slip fee.   The resort is very plush, with three swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, and several bars and restaurants. Every night of the week has a different themed buffet dinner with live 5music at the main restaurant.  Monday is fiesta night, which ends with fireworks, and you can test your 5 aParadise Village entranceskills on the mechanical bull on Wednesday which is western night.

FrangipaniThe resort also boasts a complete shopping mall and a hospital.   But perhaps the best part is the tiger – yes a real, live tiger. Apparently, the resort operates a successful captive breeding program for Bengal tigers.  Sadly the male tiger recently succumbed to throat cancer so now Daisy prowls the cage alone.

6That is one of the things I love about Mexico.  Although there is a sign that says “Do not touch the tigers”, you can indeed stick your fingers in and touch the tiger.


No one will try to stop you or say anything – it is assumed that everyone is responsible for themselves.  Of course if the tiger eats your finger, it is your problem, because after all, you were warned.

There are other fascinating creatures at the resort. Several cages of macaws keep the 7atiger company and I came around a corner on the dock yesterday and met a 3-ft iguana was sunning itself.  We were both startled.  It jumped 7bin the water – I guess I didn’t realize what good swimmers they are!  Apparently there are crocodiles farther up in the estuary but we have yet to see one. 7C

8. Our morning walk

Early morning on the beach

We have been trying to get into a routine so we don’t go stir crazy.  We have been walking on the beach early in the mornings; the other day we saw a baby sea turtle making its way out to sea. I have been taking advantage of yoga classes and Spanish lessons, and Dan has been earning lots of karma points helping other cruisers fix their boats.  I have printed out my resume and am going to try to find a job teaching English somewhere nearby.  But November (the end of the hurricane season) still seems like a long, long way away.  By the way, if you want to visit, the resort will give any of our guests 10% their room!

88. Resort beach front

Captain Dan catches the sunset


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Paradise – Paradise Village Marina that is!

  1. Wishing I were there trying to establish a routine that included early am walks on the beach, yoga, swimming and eating delicious food!! We actually picked up our motor home a couple of weeks ago – Bruce is DEEP into rigging it up and readying for the road. First major trip will be to Ore. Wash, Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone and back to Humboldt. Enjoy your time there – it looks like heaven!! Love from the land bound crew at Paradise Acres!


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