Barra De Navidad, Jalisco to Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

1  Sunrise at Las Hadas

Sunrise at Las Hadas

We are currently anchored in Manzanillo in front of the well-known Las Hadas Resort.  Built in the mid 1970’s, the resort was made famous when the movie “10” was filmed here in 1979. It is lovely, and has more of a Mediterranean feel than the Grand Bay Resort and Marina in Barra de Navidad, but in our opinion, it is not even a close second.

2. Fresh laundry

Never though I would have my laundry “done”!

The marina in Barra was dead calm, quiet, very well maintained, and the staff was very attentive.  They just made it so convenient for cruisers – laundry and fresh water right on the premises, and being a marina guest entitled you to all the privileges of the resort.  The marina staff here at Las Hadas see indifferent, maintenance is lacking, and the surge in the marina demands strong dock lines and lots of fenders.

The marina at Las Hadas is the same price as in Barra, but you must med-moor, wherein you drop an anchor, and back up to the dock.  The stern of the boat is then tied to the dock and you get on and off by stepping off the stern of the boat.  This does not work well for our style of boat so we are anchored out.  The only really safe place to land the dinghy (BIG surf pounds the beach – this is no place for a surf landing in the dinghy) is inside the marina at their dinghy dock.  The current rate is 200 pesos, or about $12 a day.  That would be okay if the fee entitled you to use the pool, showers and internet, as it used to, but it no longer does.  Fortunately for us, our friends Rob and Susan on Athanor opted to stay in the marina so we have been tying our dinghy up to their boat and getting on to the dock from their boat.

We haven’t done a whole lot of exploring here in Manzanillo, but we have ventured into town a few times for essentials.  Found some rather specialized prop zincs for our boat at a small chandlery in the nearby village of Santiago, went grocery shopping at the local Wal-Mart, and today had to run into the local Telcel to add minutes to the phone.

On Autotbus 8

On Autobus 8

The bus is always an adventure – especially the one that comes out to Las Hadas as it winds along the edge of cliffs offering stunning views.  You just hope that the brakes don’t fail – it’s obvious that the shocks went long ago due to the cobblestone streets (and I do mean cobblestone – nothing smaller than an orange, all set in concrete).

We enjoyed a great dinner with Rob and Susan at the Paradise Restaurant which clings to the hillside amidst a profusion of bright pink bougainvillea.  I wish it would grow in the Pacific Northwest, I love the vibrant colors.

Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant

We will say goodbye to them tomorrow when we head south again and they head west across the Pacific.

Thanks to all who comment – please keep them coming!  We love to hear from everyone  – makes us feel not so homesick!  Next stop Zihuatanejo!

Anjuli on the hook off Las Hadas

Anjuli on the hook off Las Hadas


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