Barra de Navidad


Approaching the Grand Bay Hotel and Marina


Late afternoon at the swimming beach

We have landed at the Grand Bay Hotel and Marina  in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico.  It is reputed to be the nicest resort and marina complex in Mexico, and I can certainly believe it.  I feel like we have stepped into a movie set; and I expect to see Brad and Angie strolling by any minute now.   A slip at the marina entitles you to use of the hotel’s four swimming pools with water slides (clean white towel included), tennis courts, swimming beaches (with waiters in white shorts), and freedom to wander the beautiful grounds and visit the various restaurants and bars.  There is also an on-site spa, gym and beauty parlor, as well as laundry services and daily yoga on the beach. 5
Anjuli is one of the smallest boats in the marina, which is full of multi-million dollar motor and sailing yachts. But hey, we get the same view!

Anjuli on the dock

Anjuli on the dock

Every morning except Wednesday, the marina is visited by a floating French baker who brings baguettes, croissants, quiches and tarts right to the boat.  He is definitely French and it is definitely good.  Talk about decadence!

The French baker stops at B Dock

The French baker stops at B Dock


As we continue south the temperature continues to climb.  By noon it is usually in the high 80s with about 80% humidity.  The midday hours are best for a) napping , or b) spending time in the pool.  One can really build up a thirst with all that splashing around -thank goodness there is a swim-up bar!  8



It is really quite over the top, and if you are looking for a Mexican vacation a little different from the mass-market tourist centers this is the place.  Located across the lagoon from the village of Barra de Navidad, a trip to town is just a water taxi ride away.  The village is charming.  Melaque is a larger town just a few miles away and easily accessible with a 7 peso bus ride.  The international airport at Manzanillo is about a half hour away.  Both Barra de Navidad and Melaque are full of resident Canadians – I think they have it figured out!.


Village of Barra de Navidad

But for all the luxury, the water on the dock is not potable. Water is a resource not to be squandered here, and we have been paying about $ 0.25/gallon for bottled water.  Dock water is fine for washing but not drinking or cooking.  We spent several hours this morning carting jugs of water to the boat and dumping them in the tank.  And lest you think it is all sunshine and butterflies here, it rained this morning – the first drop of rain we have seen since San Diego back in early November.  I almost needed a jacket!


Sunrise in paradise


5 thoughts on “Barra de Navidad

  1. Wow! You are really roughing it, now! Loved the pic of Dan coming down the waterslide! What a hoot! Missing you and happy for you that you’re there and not in the deluge we’ve been having here. 🙂
    Just curious…in your next post could you tell us what you’ve been paying for fuel?
    Rick and Cyn


  2. This is a dream place. I love everything about it, and although you didn’t mention it, I bet there is some delicious food to be had. We need a really long hose. We have enough water here to take care of the whole country. Good news, droughts over in Northern Cali! Love to you both!


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