We had intended to only spend a week or so in Mazatlan.  We were warned by other cruisers that we would be seduced by Mazatlan’s charms, and indeed we have been.  We loved La Paz, but she has been supplanted by the sophisticated, charming, beautiful city of Mazatlan.  Yes, there are throngs of tourists, high rise hotels, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway, but these are primarily confined to the Zona Dorada, or the Golden Zone, where the majority of the tourists can be found.  The older parts of the city are filled with graceful Spanish colonial architecture, shaded squares with tinkling fountains, and beaches that would make you swear you were in the Mediterranean.

The malecon at Playa Olas Atlas in the historic district.

The malecon at Playa Olas Atlas in the historic district.


Seawater public pool at Playa Olas Atlas.


3The city abounds with things to do; cultural events such as concerts and plays, a vibrant night life (the clubs stay open til 4 am), shopping, and all things beach related.


Yesterday we hiked up to El Faro, one of the highest standing lighthouses in the world, for a stunning view of the city.

View of the city from El Faro.

View of the city from El Faro.

When we heard that the Carnival celebration (the week before Lent) was the third largest in the world, eclipsed only by those in Rio and New Orleans, we knew we had to stay for it.  So here we are, happily tied up in Marina Mazatlan for a month.

Anjuli at Marina Mazatlan

Anjuli at Marina Mazatlan


Dock 6 cocktails.

Every day the Dock 6 inhabitants gather at 4 pm for cocktails. The marina staff seemingly exists to make life easier for the residents.  Trucks come to the marina parking lot every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning selling shrimp, and fresh fruit and vegetables.  Bottled water is delivered to the boat by marina staff, and pumpout is handled by marina staff who brings the pumpout cart to the boat.  Laundry dropped off at the marina office is returned the next day, clean, folded and bagged.  No wonder people come for a few days and stay for months – and the longer you stay, the cheaper the moorage rates are!

One of our first outings was a trip to the grocery store.  We had discovered the store Mega, while in La Paz, so we searched out the local Mega in Mazatlan.

Mega Mazatlan

Mega Mazatlan

This is possibly the nicest grocery store I have ever been in.  Think one-stop shopping (tires, electronics, and groceries) combined with Whole Foods.  While not as cheap as the vegetable truck or the open air markets, prices are still much lower than in the US, and with the strong US dollar, we are eating very well indeed!

Not everything is so healthy though – not sure what these are called, but we discovered these in La Paz.  You can buy them in bulk for pennies a pound – when deep fried they puff up into a tasty treat!

Deep-fried goodness!

Deep-fried goodness!


Thanks to all for the comments -we love to hear from all of you!  Stay tuned for further adventures from Mazatlan…


2 thoughts on “Mazatlan

  1. Ah yes, Mazatlan. I am so excited that you wrote this. I am finally getting Chris to Mazatlan for the first time this fall (by air, sadly, not by boat). I know he’ll love it. If you get a chance, you MUST go to the open market on Sundays. I can’t remember what it is called, but it is the like our Saturday Market on only on steroids. Anything and everything you can imagine! Miss you guys, but so, so happy you are having a great time.


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