A Road Trip, Random Wanderings about Town, and Christmas in La Paz

A large part of a cruisers time in port is spent on provisioning for the next leg of the journey.  After the month-long trip down the Baja with very limited supply options we have reached the land of plenty.  Giant, Fred Meyer-type stores such as Soriana, Ley, Chedraui and Mega are located all over La Paz.  But to truly stock up, nothing beats a trip to Costco.  Since the nearest Costco is located in Cabo San Lucas, this involves a road trip in a rental car.  So last Monday, along with John and Diane of Konami, we rented a car and headed out to Cabo.  On the way there we took Hwy 1, which winds down the east side of the peninsula through the mountains and several very picturesque small towns. El Triunfo is about 40 miles from La Paz, and was once the epicenter of an 1862 gold rush.

La Paz 018

Looking down on the small town of El Triunfo 

At that time, El Triunfo was the largest city in Baja California Sur.  Today less than 400 people live here, but the remnants of its glory days remain including a beautiful cathedral and a smokestack designed by Gustav Eiffel.


La Paz 015

Cathedral in El Truinfo

The road drops out of the mountains and passes through flat land and crosses the Tropic of Cancer, which at latitude 23 degrees, 27 minutes north, is the northern border of the Torrid Zone (hot year round), and the northernmost latitude at which the sun can shine directly overhead (just in case you were wondering).


La Paz 022On the way back we took Hwy 19 which takes you up the west coast and passes through the very trendy town of Todos Santos (location of THE Hotel California), which looks like a place to spend sinful amounts of money.

La Paz 059

Empanadas for lunch

La Paz 031

Better than sour cream!

Back in La Paz we have continued to enjoy the city.  We walk up one street and down the other just to see what is there – usually with a stop at the loncheria at Bravo Street market.  Heaven can be had in the form of an empanada – a deep fried packet of dough filled with sauce, potatoes and who knows what.  Slathered with mayonesa, there is nothing better.  Forget sour cream, mayonesa is what you want on Mexican food – basically thin mayonnaise with lime juice.  Afterwards, a tasty ice cream at La Fuente (a.k.a. the “polka dot ice cream place’) completes the meal.

La Paz 051

Ice cream at La Fuente

As we continue our wanderings through the city, we can see beautiful homes interspersed with the businesses, although most are located behind tall stucco walls, you can sometimes get a glimpse inside the courtyard.  Colorful murals adorn building walls.  The locals are proud of their city, and with good reason.
La Paz 047

I want this house!

La Paz 048

La Paz 014Despite the Christmas music blaring from every corner, and decorations throughout the city, it has been hard to get in the mood in this kind of weather.  Sunny and 88 degrees just doesn’t say Christmas to me.  La Paz 060We did put up our tree, and had a great potluck with turkey and all the trimmings with two other boats on Christmas.  Didn’t send out Christmas cards this year, I guess mail is sometimes hit or miss in Mexico


We wish everyone a happy New Year – thanks for all the comments, we love to hear form everybody!


1 thought on “A Road Trip, Random Wanderings about Town, and Christmas in La Paz

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Love all the story’s as well. We were fortunate to have the family all together & a white Christmas this year. It’s been in the 30’s durning the day dropping to 14 at night. Enjoy the warm weather & Have a Happy New Year.


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