Bahia Santa Maria to Bahia Magdalena

It’s just an easy 20-mile trip from Bahia Santa Maria down to Bahia Magdalena, which is known as Mag Bay to cruisers.  Mag Bay is a huge bay, similar in size to San Francisco Bay with several inviting anchorages.  We dropped the hook at the first anchorage you come to, Punta Belcher, so named for Edward Belcher, a British naval commander who first sounded Mag Bay.   Punta Belcher is a low sandy, triangular point which juts into the bay.  The anchorage is large, with easy dinghy access through relatively gentle surf.

Turtle Bay to Mag Bay 040

Beachcombing at Punta Belcher

We have never eaten so much seafood in our lives.  The fishing seems to be better than on our last trip (weather worse – blame it on El Nino?).  Two of the three boats we were traveling with caught Dorado on the way in to the bay so a fish taco get-together was the first order of business.  We were also able to purchase a couple lobsters ($1.50 each) from some passing pangueros, and our friends on Konami traded a jar of applesauce and two bottles of water for a kilo of shrimp which they shared with the “fleet”.    Mag Bay to La Paz 031

There is intense commercial fishing in the bay, and one day I counted at least 70 pangas shrimp fishing.  We caught a nice sierra when moving from the Punta Belcher anchorage up to Man O’ War Cove, about 5 miles away.

Mag Bay to La Paz 028

Sierra – more fish tacos

Mag Bay to La Paz 001

Gregorio, Port Captain of Puerto Magdalena

We were delighted to see that Gregorio, the same Port Captain who we met on our last trip is still a fixture in Man O’ War Cove.  He is quite the local celebrity – he used to be known to quaff a few but now restricts himself to tea or coffee.

It looks like Puerto Magdalena, the village at Man O’ War Cove has gotten smaller, and Gregorio noted that fewer cruising yachts stop here than in the past.  We were the only boat there when we stopped.  The only commercial endeavor we saw as a small fishing lodge catering to gringos.

Mag Bay to La Paz 026

View of the village from Port Captains office

Mag Bay to La Paz 021

Whale bones on the beach – Puerto Magdalena

The next push will entail a long overnighter to Cabo San Lucas, then three day trips to get up into La Paz where we will spend Christmas tied up in a marina.  Looking forward to hot showers, Wi-Fi, movie theaters, and grocery stores.  We are down to two apples, two onions, and a potato.

Mag Bay to La Paz 009

Sunset over Puerto Magdalena



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