Morro Bay, CA to Santa Barbara, CA

Left Morro Bay on a Monday morning in company with two other cruising boats we met while there. “Mujo” a Passport 40 and “Konami” a very nice Westsail 32. Unfortunately Konami was damaged in Morro Bay when another boat which was rafted to the boat behind them on the dock departed. Apparently the boat departing was not familiar with handling the boat in a strong current – they untied the stern line first, and the strong incoming current swiftly swept the stern of the boat out from the dock forcing their bowsprit into the side of the Westsail, taking out a solar panel and a lifeline stanchion. The boat then hit reverse, backed across the channel and into the side of a boat on a mooring ball, and then motored out of the bay. Lots of witnesses and the contact info of the guilty boat had been provided to the yacht club when they tied up. Too bad the guy is a San Francisco lawyer…sounds like a nightmare.

John and Diane, the crew of Konami seem to have been living parallel lives to us. They have a well-loved teak laden double-ender, have been together for 20 years, and have a blended family (only their combined kid total was 7 – ours only 4). They prefer whiskey to wine, and Diane and I have the same favorite word….and they are from Portland.

The overnight passage from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara was pretty easy – not as much sailing as we would like, but we are still pretty happy to have Pt. Conception behind us. Caught four fish in quick succession upon leaving the harbor – I think they were chub mackerel or some other mackerel-family fish. White meat and good eating!

Fish nos. 4-6 ( didn't count the one we lost or the eleven skipjack we threw back)

Fish nos. 4-6 ( didn’t count the one we lost or the seven skipjack we threw back)

Just north of Pt. Arguello we saw the SPACEX complex – would have been very cool to see a rocket launch. At Pt. Conception you see the first of many offshore oil platforms. They are very well lit at night and have many different shapes – with a little imagination you can see the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

Offshore platform "Irene"

Offshore platform “Irene”

Arrived at Santa Barbara at dawn and took a slip at the marina (most expensive to-date at $42).   Santa Barbara is beautiful – southern California at its finest. Red tiled roofs, palm trees, traditional Spanish architecture, and a profusion of flowers all contribute to the feel of affluence and easy life. I could live here too! I was actually born here but don’t have much recollection of it. I even convinced Dan (yes, Dan!) to go for a run with me this morning. Made use of the nice waterfront path – the sun was just up, a gentle breeze was blowing in the palms, and someone was playing the bagpipes on the beach. I like this retirement thing!

Yesterday we took in some of the sites – rode the shuttle to the top of State Street (its $0.50 now) then visited a cathedral and the courthouse, and took in the farmers market. Kind of weird to see all the fresh produce at the end of October. I didn’t try the strawberries, because I am sure they would pale in comparison to Oregon berries.

Sightseeing with the crew of Konami

Sightseeing with the crew of Konami

Santa Barbara Courthouse, built in 1929

Santa Barbara Courthouse, built in 1929

Mural room inside the courthouse

Mural room inside the courthouse

Mural close up

Mural close up

We will stay here until Friday – there is a gale warning starting tonight and extending through Thursday. I sure don’t remember this kind of weather this far south on our last trip – must mean we need to get farther south!



1 thought on “Morro Bay, CA to Santa Barbara, CA

  1. WOW! What an awesome adventure! I’m impressed and envious of your sailing knowledge! Being a land dweller…… love love to read about your awesome experience! Thanks for sharing it! Hope and praying you stay safe! I love you Buddy! Ann


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