Monterey, CA to Morro Bay, CA

With great difficulty we tore or selves away from lovely Monterey.  It was a productive stop.  Lots of sightseeing, sundowners and movie nights with our Canadian friends on Halcyon 1, and as always boat projects.  The replacement of the fresh water pump went smoothly – the pump was shipped to the local West Marine, another small crucial pipe fitting came from Fisheries Supply and all arrived on time as promised.  It was the routine maintenance items that gave Dan fits.  He decided it would be a good time to change the primary fuel filter and racor filters.  Easy enough, but when he started it, he got the dreaded increase in rpms, and then it died – obviously sucking air instead of fuel.  The next day and a half was spent taking things apart and putting them together again over and over, cursing, and cranking the engine endlessly.  We had gotten to the point of discussing whether we should call someone when it finally turned over and has been running fine since.

I stayed outside out of the way and worked on brightwork – seems so decadent to be able to do woodwork in mid-October!

Southbound from Monterey

Southbound from Monterey

We left Monterey about 9 am, and had several hours of glorious sailing until the wind died and left us wallowing in the big swells.  On came the iron genny and we continued on.  By afternoon we were off Point Sur and the fish getter came to life.  We caught eleven, yes I said eleven, skipjack tuna within about an hour and a half.  Skipjack have very dark meat and a gamey flavor.  I know there is probably some way to prepare them to make them edible, but I don’t know it so we kept throwing them back – I started to wonder if we were catching the same one…


Yet another skipjack tuna…

We also managed to pick up a bad cold in Monterey.  Had thought about continuing on around Point Conception, but decided to go into Morro Bay to get some rest.  The yacht club allows cruisers to tie up if no members need the dock space so we are at the Morro Bay Yacht Club dock with another Portland boat, Koname, a really nice Westsail 32.

View from the MBYC dock

View from the MBYC dock

We came in in dense fog but it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Maybe we will leave tomorrow, maybe Saturday.

Thanks to all for the comments – love to hear from everybody!



4 thoughts on “Monterey, CA to Morro Bay, CA

  1. Oh it sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope your held up some where safe, as the Hurricane is headed for Mexico. I got your message I hope you got mine. Love you guys


  2. Ahoy, Anjuli! When you arrive at the Port of Long Beach (or San Pedro/Port Lax), we’ll hail you on ch 16. Scott & Cheryl of the Starry Decisis @ Shoreline Marina, Long Beach. (Your Morro Bay visitors.)


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