Newport, OR to Charleston (Coos Bay), OR

Seems like the northwest is just not ready to release us.  We are in the Charleston Marina, and darn glad to be here as it is really blowing out there.  We currently have 25 knots at the dock.  Left Newport at dawn on Friday, 9/18/15 in dying SW winds leftover from the passage of a front.  Our destination was Crescent City, CA, about 36 hrs away.  Once over the bar, we spread my mom’s ashes as well as John’s (our old marina manager) as the sun rose.

Sunrise on the Newport bar 9-18-15

Outbound over the Newport bar at sunrise.

Sloppy seas and not enough wind to sail made for a bumpy motorboat ride.  To pass the time we threw out the fish getter.  We are not fishermen, but on our last trip we visited a large fishing supply warehouse in San Diego, and were told we needed a lure called the Mexican Flag.  It is attached to 10 ft of 300-lb monofilament which is then attached to about 50 ft of tuna leader which we tie around a cleat and drag behind the boat. We used it with great success, and dubbed it the fish getter.  After it began to lose some of its fringe (or whatever its called) we combined it with another lure.

The fish getter

The fish getter.

It didn’t take long for the fish getter to do it’s job – a nice salmon!

Fish No. 1 comes aboard 9-18-15

Fish No. 1

Seas flattened out and we motored along in ideal conditions until hearing the “special weather statement”.  “Hazardous seas” and 30 knots from the south expected at Cape Blanco by midnight. Cape Blanco is the westernmost point of the US west coast, and lies between Newport and Crescent City.  It often brews up strong winds and steep seas and is not to be taken lightly.  The obvious choice for this crew was to head into Coos Bay.  We usually don’t enter unfamiliar harbors at night, but seas were calm, and it is well marked.  Two other boats that left Newport before us were already here, and another came in behind us – now we wait.

But waiting is okay – crabbing is good and we have met lots of nice people.  Shared half our salmon with the group at a potluck last night.  Perhaps we will get out Wednesday, or Friday.  Who cares?  Fortunately we are not in a hurry.

Charleston Crabbers

Local crabbers

Netting pile perch

Netting for pile perch – used as bait for longlining


Bait for longlining

Thanks to everyone who has provided comments – it is nice to hear from you all!  Sorry if I don’t respond – wifi has been sketchy at best!


3 thoughts on “Newport, OR to Charleston (Coos Bay), OR

  1. Sounds like you are having fun despite the weather. Is it hard not being on a schedule? Probably takes some time to get into the “whatever happens” schedule. Glad to see you are working on that with success. Be safe. Love the blog.


  2. Ah yes, all plans firmly writ in jello. So glad that you are enjoying Charleston. We loved that little harbor. If I remember rightly, the little dock restaurant had great biscuits & gravy. We are really enjoying following your voyage through your blog. Can’t wait for the next installment. Hugs to you both!


  3. Glad you were able to tuck in. Charleston is a great place to wait out the weather. What a lovely salmon! Warmer climes are lovely, but nowhere is there better seafood than the PNW. Safe travels on the next leg of your journey. Keep those posts coming! We’re all living vicariously through you, until we can hit the sea. 🙂


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