Still Enjoying Newport…

We are still in Newport, but looks like we will be able to continue south again tomorrow with the majority of the cruising fleet.  The two big boats (>45 ft) will leave today while the rest of us wait for the sea state to calm down a bit. There are now nine cruising boats on the dock – three Canadians, a German boat, and four boats hailing from Alaska, Washington, California.  We are the only Oregon boat. Friendships have formed, potlucks have ensued and wine and spirits have been consumed.

The J dock fleet - Anjuli is on the right farthest from the foreground

The J dock fleet

Last time we made this trip we waited 9 days in Newport, this time it will be 11 days.  Not a bad spot to be though – we have worked through almost all of the remaining items on the to-do list, and caught up with friends who live here.  Have also been crabbing off the dock – lots of red rock crabs and the occasional Dungeness crab.  We are tired of cleaning them at this point and have stowed the trap.


We are looking forward to getting into warmer waters – this next leg should take us to Crescent City, CA.  On our last cruise, this leg represented some of the worst weather and seas we saw anywhere. We are hoping this time will be a little different!


1 thought on “Still Enjoying Newport…

  1. Safe travels! On our trip down, we were in Newport 10 days, but it was a great place to hang while waiting on a good window. Looking forward to your next post…hopefully after an uneventful passage to Crescent City. 🙂


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